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Firm and innovative vehicle-upgrades via Plug & Ride

mo.hub is a universal data interface that collects and prepares your vehicle data and sends it to the mo.ride App via Bluetooth.

mo.hub uses the OBD-interface of your vehicle in order to automatically record your trips, the usage of your mo.ride dashboard as well as the entire functional scope offered by mo.ride.

Being a universal interface, mo.hub is easily compatible with vehicles that use CAN and LIN bus-systems. It’s also possible for the mo.hub though to record analog input signals like tank sensor, temperature sender, speedometer, revolutions signal or warning lights of older models, and transmit the result either to your mo.ride dashboard or to the attached motogadget instrument.

Vehicle Selection

Please select your vehicle in order to learn more about which motogadget instrument could be connected to your bike via our mo.hub and the implied Plug & Play function:

Since we launched the motogadget LIN bus-system, the latest generation of motogadget instruments only need three connecting cables.

We provide complete Plug & Ride-kits with matching vehicle plugs and attachment parts for all compatible vehicles.

In this particular case Plug & Ride means that only the motogadget instrument and the supplied vehicle plug-in connector need to be connected to the mo.hub – the vehicle itself won’t need any adjustment. This way, the guarantee conditions are complied and restoring the original condition can be easily done at any time.

App Core Features

  • Plug & Ride

    Upgrade your vehicle with motogadget instruments the easy way

  • Dashboard

    All essential information on display via your customized cockpit

  • AutoSync

    Since each and every tour will be automatically recorded and filed, you’re always up to date about the status quo of your bike

  • Logbook

    The vehicle history - including tours, maintenance activities and alarm events - is securely saved in your logbook

  • Ride Assist

    The acoustic assistance system provides real-time information like vehicle warnings or turn signals to your headset

  • Easy Setup

    Trouble-free setup of the motogadget instruments and a detailed tutorial about mo.ride

App Features in Detail

Want to get updates on vehicle location, current status reports or the weather? Never before has it been this easy to gather information on the actual Vehicle Status.

The Logbook offers a crucial guide for the correct vehicle management since it lists the history of your bike chronologically in calendar years, including your tours, the total distance travelled, maintenance activities and costs, alarms and notifications.

Switch your smartphone to horizontal format in order to activate your Dashboard – customized from 26 different widgets.

Maintenance basically eliminates any kind of major mishaps since service messages and free access to data records that carry all compatible wearing parts are with you at all time.

Your top speed, your archived tours, fun factor and so much more: enjoy your Season Stats the sophisticated way – and share it with the community.

File all your necessary documents such as vehicle registration or your driver’s license in the Documents section in order to have them available at all times.

mo.hub Overview

Wago spring clamp connection available as spare part
Mounting with 2 M3 bolts
28 configurable LIN and CAN bus compatibel analogue und digital in- and outputs
Waterproof Duroplast corpus


  • L / W / H

    74 mm / 50 mm / 30 mm (with cover)
  • Weight

    approx. 90 g
  • Fastening

    cable ties or 2 x M4 countersunk screws
  • Operating voltage

    9 V - 15 V
  • Operating temperature

    -20°... +80°C

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the mo.hub compatible with my vehicle?

    You can use the mo.hub as long as your vehicle uses a carburetor – regardless if it’s listed in the vehicle finder or not. It’s necessary though to remove and re-connect the needed signals from the vehicle.

    The mo.hub cannot be used if your vehicle is using fuel injection, a vehicle bus-system, and moreover isn’t listed as being compatible.

  • Is it possible to use the mo.hub without any motogadget instruments?

    Yes, as long as your vehicle is listed as being compatible or uses a carburetor.

  • How does Plug & Ride work?

    We provide vehicle-specific kits which include all essential attachment parts and vehicle plugs. Simply connect the supplied plug to your mo.hub, integrate the device into your vehicle, connect it to your smartphone – and you’re good to go.

  • Why should I use the mo.hub when I’m able to use the mo.ride app exclusively without any motogadget hardware?

    The mo.hub will automatically record each and every tour of yours. Furthermore the mo.hub is able to depict performances on your dashboard detached from your actual vehicle instrumentation – like tire temperature or compass function, for example. The acoustic Ride Assist connected to your headset also provides extra safety.

  • Kann ich den Einbau des mo.hub eigenständig ausführen?

    Ja. Plug & Ride kann wirklich jeder ausführen. Der manuelle Anschluss aller einzelnen Signale ist jedoch aufwendiger. Mit etwas Geduld und Grundkenntnissen im Bereich der Elektrik kannst du den Einbau aber durchaus selber durchführen.

  • Can I use all features of the app free of charge?

    If your vehicle is equipped with the mo.hub, you can use the mo.ride app in its entirety.

  • Is my personal data safe?

    All vehicle data, as well as your necessary documents, will be encoded and stored securely on our servers. You lost or changed your smartphone? Your digital garage can be easily rebuild! Your data will be saved on our servers in Germany via an encoded password – we’re not authorized to view these documents, only you are allowed to uncover the recorded data with your password.

  • Can I pass on the vehicle data if I sell my bike?

    Yes. You can easily transmit all data to a different mo.ride account without losing your garage place. The transmission will take approx. 10 minutes and is fee-based for the new owner. For reasons of data protection we won’t transmit your travel logs though.

  • Why isn’t my vehicle listed in the database?

    There are tens of thousands of vehicles around, and they differ by manufacturer, company, model and year of construction – it’s simply impossible for us to record each and every vehicle. Our database consists of the top 100 of approved vehicles, offering more than 7600 vehicle specifications. If your ride isn’t listed here, you can easily create and manually add your specific data set.

  • What wearing parts are listed in your database?

    We provide essential wearing parts such as batteries, ignition plugs, tires, oils, etc specifically for your type of vehicle. This service is supposed to assist you in terms of selecting and purchasing these parts, but remain to be a nonbonding recommendation without any guarantee on the correctness of the data.

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Features Comparison Chart

App with mo.locator*

Automatic tourlogs
Ja Ja Ja
Ja Ja Ja
Keyless Go
Ride Assist
Ja Ja
Power consumption
Ja Ja Ja
Current location
Ja Ja Ja Ja
Ja Ja
Theft protection and tracking*
Emergency assistant*
Ja Ja Ja
Dashboard basic
Speed, compass, lean angle, acceleration, air temperature, time, date, altitude, location, turn counter, journey time, trip
Ja Ja Ja Ja
Dashboard extended
rpm, fuel, tire pressure, tire temperature, oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure, charging pressure, power consumption, timing
Ja Ja

* available in 2022

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